We have a dedicated research and development team comprised 60 research personnel led by Professor ZHU Quan. Professor ZHU is our executive Director and chief scientist of GZ Consun, and is a professor and supervisor in the doctor of philosophy programme in Macau University of Science and Technology, a former member of the Science and Technology Committee of the Ministry of Education(教育部科学技术委员会), the former director of National Standardzation Pharmacological Laboratory of Chinese Mdeicines(国家规范化中药药理实验室) at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and a former expert for national medicines assessment(国家药品评审专家). Professor ZHU has extensive experience in the research and development of medicines. In addition, four members of our research and development team hold doctorate degree or master's degree in pharmaceutical related areas, and more than half of our research personnel have over ten years of experience in the PRC pharmaceutical industry.