We have established our own research and development laboratory for kidney medicines in 2006, which was awarded by the government of Inner Mongolia autonomous region as a “Research and Development Centre of Enterprises in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region” (内蒙古自治区企业研发中心) in November 2012.

    To support our research and development, we utilise innovative research technology in the analysis of the membrane immobilised chromatography (细胞膜固相色谱) to analyse essential basis in Chinese medicines or natural medicines, adopt ultra filtration and reverse osmosis (超滤及反渗透) group to segregate, extract and concentrate ingredients, utilise microwave vacuum drying technology to reduce the drying time in medicines manufacturing process, minimise the loss of potency of the active ingredients in the medicines and the consumption of energy, and use microencapsulation technology to increase the stability of medicines.

    We also have advanced testing and analytical equipments and research and development systems imported from overseas, including the cell imaging system that comprises the live cell workstation and other cyte-study system, the liquid and gas chemical analysis system that comprises the LC-MAS, the molecular biology research system that comprises the fluorescence microplate reader and the modern medicines reparation technology that comprises ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis group and micro-pill machine.