1. Focusing on specialist medicine field,the production has a higher technology content and added value, and a good market prospect; The product concept of Consun is "high technology, high efficiency, high quality", which is also the outstanding feature of specialistic medicines, and the strategic concept for Consun to participate in the market competition orderly and maintain the competitive edge for a long time.

2. The market competitiveness of branded products is extremely strong; Consun is best at the field of nephropathy treatment within the field of specialistic medicines. Uremic clearance granule, the branded product, takes the dominant position in both market share and similar product.

3. Abundant product line and relatively strong comprehensive strength. There are 7 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines and 77 kinds of western medicines in our group, totals 84 kinds. Among these, there are 4 breeds of renal drugs and 29 breeds in the basic drug list of the country and 61breeds in the health care list of the country.